Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to sew a sash: My sewing room and sash projects

I uploaded a few videos I had done on the different projects I sew. This is the beginning of my video tutorial series. I have here a few of the projects I have sewn and also you get a glimpse of my sewing room.

If you need more information and tips on how to sew, learning to sew, tips to improvise your sewing, sewing for beginners, reading sewing patterns, different techniques to improvise and to learn how to sew, free sewing patterns,embroidery and beads and sequins to embellish your sewing projects or instructions on

how to sew a sash or
how to make a homecoming sash,
how to sew a tea cozy,
sew beauty pageant sashes,
how to sew a headband or hair band,
headbands with ribbon bows,
fabric jewelry pouch,
no sew projects with fabric and many more visit or write to me at I will be adding a video tutorial series to support my projects and all this to improvise your sewing.

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